'The Face' Episode 6 Recap: Our Little Models Are Finally Becoming Men!

by Michelle Collins |

Get your lady goatees stenciled on, folks, as Episode 6 of The Face slicks its hair back, slaps a vest on, stuffs some Lady Footlocker socks down the front of its Cavaricci’s and never calls you again. It’s Gender Swap Week!! Starring none other than the best thing to happen to your life, Rupaul. (Click 'more' to read the full blog by Michelle Collins!)


Amanda vs. Khadisha: Who Would You Eliminate?

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by Maisie Bornstein |

Team Naomi finally knocked Team Anne off of their throne, but poor Team Lydia lost again. This week, the girls were mentored by none other than the queen of transformations, RuPaul, in an androgyny challenge where they had to pretend to be men. Naomi and her boys Mike and Bob (aka Felisa and Afiya) rocked the competition. Anne thought Khadisha choked in front of the camera, so she was put up for elimination. The client (Joe Zee from Elle) thought Amanda was almost too masculine, so Lydia put her up for elimination. Who would you have eliminated if you were Naomi? Watch the girls plead their cases and vote in the poll below!


Episode 6 Highlights: Man Up, Modeltestants! (PHOTOS)

by Oxygen Blogger |

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On tonight's episode of The Face, the modeltestants had to channel their inner dudes -- with the help of the almighty gender-bender legend, Rupaul! The androgyny challenge brought some serious surprises (you wouldnt believe who pulled if off, and who didn't!)  but only one team could impress guest judge, Joe Zee from ELLE. In the end, one beloved girl had to go home. Flip through the highlights -- including some serious supermodel drama between Naomi and Lydia! 

[Photos: Oxygen Media/Tim Brown & Steve Fenn]


Nigel: Wearing a Suit Doesn't Make You a Man

by Nigel Barker |

Androgyny has played an important part in the history of modeling. From Twiggy and her bob haircut and boyish looks in the 60s to the waif-like Kate Moss and CKOne in the 90s, sexual ambiguity is a recurring theme celebrated by designers like Marc Jacobs and Annna Sui. The whole concept of androgyny is not as simple as it sounds. Some people are predisposed to look the part, but the really successful models are the ones who embrace this almost anti-fashion aesthetic. To be successful you have to be a true chameleon and transform yourself into whatever the job requires. (Click "more" to read Nigel's full blog)


Anne V: Khadisha Is a Great Model…But She Bombed Every Challenge

by Anne V |

The androgyny challenge was so important because the girls had to transform themselves and step out of their comfort zones. I also just think it’s really fun for the girls to embrace their character. It’s more of an acting job than a modeling job – but in reality, every model should be an actress on some level. 

To me, Sharon really stood out. She took my direction so well, and she embodied being a man. I’m so proud of her because she’s really been stepping out of her comfort zone, and she has been getting consistently better and better with every episode. Tiana has very feminine features, so she didn’t stand out as much as Sharon in this challenge, but she did a great job and has performed consistently throughout the whole competition. (Click "more" to read Anne's full blog!)


The Face Episode 5 Recap: Is Naomi Campbell Starting To Get Anne-V-Ous?

by Michelle Collins |

Welcome back to the Official Recaps of The Face Season 2: Naomi Campbell Can't Catch A Break. Last week, Anne V eliminated Alana off of Naomi's team, and as this week begins, Naomi is furious about the elimination. Naomi points out that Lydia's team hasn't even won a challenge and yet she still has three girls. Anne defends keeping Allison by saying: "For the first time in this competition, this girl actually spoke!" She may not be a lock to win The Face, but she would be guaranteed a Top 3 in the following reality show...


Anne V: I Hate to Boast, But My Team is Kicking Ass!!!!

by Anne V |

First, the good news: Team Anne for the win! Again! My girls performed so well dancing in their video to showcase Liebeskind's new collection of bags. Tiana, as usual, was nearly flawless. She's been the most consistent model throughout each campaign. Trained in ballet, Tiana is very elegant and moves well. But it was Sharon who surprised me. I mean, she kind of knocked the ball out of the park. She gave great energy and naturally has good rhythm. She also really took my direction, following every single point about holding the bag and showcasing it. And since Sharon has a somewhat edgy look she fit Liebeskind's desire to find a model with a "rebel" vibe. Sharon deserved to win this campaign and go to Germany to work with Liebskind. It's an amazing opportunity. I'm so happy for her! 


Allison vs. Felisa: Who Would You Eliminate?

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by Maisie Bornstein |

Team Anne is on a roll! This week, the girls had to dance for their lives in a viral video challenge. While Team Anne rocked the competition (and Sharon won an international modeling gig!) Team Naomi and Team Lydia fell short. With only two models left on her team, Naomi had a tough decision to make, and decided to put up Felisa for elimination. Lydia put up Allison... again... and this time she didn't fare so well. Who would you have eliminated? Watch the girls plead their cases and vote in the poll below!


Episode 5 Highlights: Dance, Modeltestants, Dance! (PHOTOS)

by Oxygen Blogger |

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On tonight's episode of The Face, the modeltestants have to dance. Yep! And you thought they were out of their element in the Alex & Ani commercial episode! Some of girls handle the Liesbeskind viral video campaign with grace and poise...others, not so much! Check out the highlights from Episode 5, and find out which didn't have enough moves to stick around. 


Lydia: "I'm Done Nurturing"

Team Lydia is about to get the tough love treatment!

by Lydia Hearst |

I was THRILLED that Allison pulled through in Episode 4. She found her voice and regained her spark, and I wanted her to maintain her strength and succeed in the next campaign.  All my girls had to step it up or go home. Team Lydia NEEDED to win – we couldn’t afford to keep losing! We lost four consecutive campaigns in a row and I was tired of it. I adore my girls, but they have no rhythm. It is crucial for them to step up their game and FOCUS. (Click "more" to read the full blog by Lydia Hearst!)


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